Pedro trolls hookers at The Point, Felonious Munk does some hard time, Franco heads back to Peru and a double barrel shotgun gets fired.

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Black JoeJoe Black gets arrested, Rob sings his tribute to Whitney Houston and Felonious Munk sexes up your grandmother. With special guests Felonious Munk, Black JoeJoe Black and Jack Buono.

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Comedian Felonious Munk (Stop It B, Pix 11 News, Imus in the Morning) brings his entourage to the Glory Hole for 90 minutes of chaos. With Adam Thomas and Derrick McCloud.

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Fortney Love gets his ass covered in Nair hair removal cream, Don Cornelius mackin', Mister PeePee goes on camera, Afro Sheen, C-Rod's birthday present and locker room shower stools. Special guest C-Rod and Black JoeJoe Black.

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The Goatse: Showers and Cocky

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