'East Side' Dave McDonald joins the guys to rock out to Bacon Brothers, cry at movies, soak himslef in milk and eat a little poo. RiotCast.com

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The great Faizon Love ('Couples Retreat', 'Friday', 'Elf', 'Made') and his entourage crush it at The Glory Hole.  RiotCast.com

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Joe Paterno was an asshola, Tosh acts like an asshola, Anderson Cooper is into asshola and an amputee penetrates an asshola on video. RiotCast.com

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Big Mike returns, Rob's cousin Lillian dishes on his childhood, Elmo hates Jews, PeePee's vocal prowess and Glory Hole parade float brainstorming. RiotCast.com

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Comedian Gary Gulman (Last Comic Standing, Tourgasm) joins the guys to talk drive-by sexual advances, how he would handle prison and why he'd love to punch Bob Saget. RiotCast.com

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