The guys judge the asses from 'Why You Suck In Bed'. Franco's girlfriend, Noelle Wolfe, gets a microphone. Rob's lifelong friend, Rob Karnay, gets one too. Black news, Gay News, Black Siri and more.

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Comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer ('You Had to Be There', 'MTV's Nikki and Sara Show') join the Glory Hole to talk about phobias, pests, pilots, subway spit attacks and more.

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The entire cast of The Glory Hole, both past and present, broadcast live to celebrate their 100th episode while Mister PeePee adds to his legend. Thank you, fans. You are the best in the world!!!

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Kelly Fastuca (You Know What Dude) and Dante Nero (The Beige Philip Show) join the guys to discuss everything from being a man to the romantic art of mouth spitting.

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