The gang makes their Mars colony audition videos, Mr PeePee grants one of Lori's wishes, the RealTouch experiment finds a subject, Stupid F Questions, Cosmo letters and more.

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Kelly Fastuca and Jack Buono return to The Hole for the unboxing of the RealTouch virtual sex device, fighting with hammers, an Australian 'Just the Tip' and pimping your mom to pay back debts.

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Big Mike calls in, Rob gets an email lecturing him on circumcision, Adidas designs a racist sneaker and Leah Bonnema joins The Hole for good while teaching the guys how to deal with a woman's menstrual cycle.

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Rachel Fine and Richie Wilson (Howard TV) join The Hole to show off their brilliant invention in bathroom hygiene, spitball other inventions and solve the riddle of logging. Jay Such joins The Hole. Jon Asher sits in.

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The Hole explores what not to say to a woman, Rob's amnesia encounter, Mister PeePee's newest challenge, Chris breaks his own urination record and other assininity. Special guests Leah Bonnema and Art Garfield.

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