Robert Kelly works more than the cameras, sexy Lexi Love returns for the signed mask, Mister PeePee's Story-time theme is unveiled, Leah Bonnema demands the worm test and $5,000 is Lori's BlueBook value.

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Dr. Steve (Weird Medicine) and Missy Carr (Jersey Jerks Show) join The Hole for a hypochondria extravaganza. With Leah Bonnema, Lori Levine, Franco Del Valle and Mister PeePee.

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Recorded live from RiotCast night in NYC with guests Colin Quinn, Robert Kelly, Jim Florentine, Rich Vos, Bailey Jay, Matt Terhune, Dan Soder, East Side Dave, Luis J Gomez, Mandy Stadtmiller, Kelly Fastuca and more! Recorded at the Village Underground as part of the NYC Comedy Festival.

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Comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer ('MTV's Nikki and Sara Live', 'You Had to Be There') join The Hole to talk about phobias, pests, pilots, subway spit attacks and more.

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