Our near three hour season finale is here with another epic game of Dungeons and Dragons with Dungeon Master Tony Hanson. Join Richie Castellano, Ann Marie Castellano, Andy Ascolesce, Claire Parker, Leah Bonnema, Franco Del Valle and am in-studio Chris Fortney hunt the Ring of Wishes! 

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Actress Alison Quinn (Sons and Daughters, Curb Your Enthusiasm) joins us to talk about objecting at weddings, psychotic roommates and her television experiences.

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Chris Fortney, Steve Bannos and Jarrett Pressman join the latest pajama party episode.

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The regulars are back for more, but has the world become too PC for us to go on? Nope. 

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Rob recaps Miami, Leah is cranky with lovely angles, PeePee teaches Rob how to swim, pronoun confusion and the difference between a thirstball and a jump-off. 

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The History Hyenas resident historian, Jen Begakis, brings The Hole to the realization that we are not nearly as smart as we thought. RiotCast.com

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Fan favorite BlackJoeJoeBlack and Sexy Mike return to The Hole.

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Cybersecurity forensics expert Mark Lanterman takes us on a tour of the dark web, hacking, credit card fraud, passport forgeries, crime investigations and more in this two-hour special episode.

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Comedians Dave Attell, Nick Di Paolo and Mike Vecchione all sit in and wonder what the hell they are doing there. 


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The fake IRS comes calling and The Hole is too busy pitching movie ideas. 


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Steve Bannos (Freaks and Geeks, Love) returns to the chaos of the RiotCast studio. 

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Actor, comedian and star of Chappelle's Show, Donnell Rawlings, joins the guys to talk about his career, his TV work, being Ashy and why a brother speaks Korean. RiotCast.com

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Former New York Ranger Sean Avery sits in to talk about his excellent book ‘Ice Capades’, what he was really saying to torment players on the ice, and the incredible ride of being an NHL hockey player.

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Mara Marek and Andrew Collin (Happy Never After) talk relationship insecurities, laughter in the face of heartbreak and sex… a lot of sex.

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Alana Luv joins The Hole to talk about starting out at the Bunny Ranch, becoming an adult film star and to act out porn scenes with each of us.

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Yannis Pappas and Chris Distefano (The Bay Ridge Boys) join The Hole to talk growing up guido, History Hyenas, African wildlife and how to sail in Brooklyn.



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Comedian / Actress Walker Hays joins The Hole and lives up to her social media adventures.



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The world mourns as Lori gets engaged, Rob has colon resection surgery and The Hole is back.


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