Cybersecurity forensics expert Mark Lanterman takes us on a tour of the dark web, hacking, credit card fraud, passport forgeries, crime investigations and more in this two-hour special episode.

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Former New York Ranger Sean Avery sits in to talk about his excellent book ‘Ice Capades’, what he was really saying to torment players on the ice, and the incredible ride of being an NHL hockey player.

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The world mourns as Lori gets engaged, Rob has colon resection surgery and The Hole is back.

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After his tragic passing, we replay and reflect upon when Comedian Ralphie May joined the Glory Hole to share his close calls with drug busts, death and the dangers of having a fat monkey without britches. 

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Frank Bello (Anthrax), Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records) and Richie Castellano (Blue Oyster Cult) join us to share hard rock stories about touring, band dysfunction, discovering the next big band, tour riders and much more!

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After years of promises, an episode finally gets recorded at Rob's house. An attempt at being charitable takes on a life of its own and Rob, Fortney, Franco, PeePee and Leah are all together in the same room to do a show for the first time in almost two years.

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Lauren Kubera (YKWD, Chip Chipperson) joins The Hole and things get risqué fast.

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Comedian Sal Vulcano of hit show Impractical Jokers joins The Hole to talk about playing Madison Square Garden, eating way too many edibles and his Broadway breakup.

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The Hole is back in the studio for more tales of debauchery.

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Steve Bannos returns to The Hole, Rob accidentally reveals his privates, Lori gets a tick bite in a sacred place and the return of Chris' List, Letters to Cosmo, Stupid Fn Questions and the News with Lori.

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