The Hole continues its annual tradition of taking marginally good songs and making them marginally bad by the magic of Karaoke. Includes life-changing performances by Rob Sprance, Franco DelValle, Mister PeePee, Jarrett Pressman, Leah Bonnema and Black JoeJoe Black.

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The crew is back together in the studio to kick off a brand new season of stupidity.

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Rob never invites anyone to his house, The Jersey Jerks Show gets crashed, creepers in the library are sniffing feet and the possibilities of time travel.


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Rob's neighbor gets all up in his foliage, the PornHub game returns for 2015, another awful music submission and Subway's Jared is going to jail.

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Steve Bannos (Freaks & Geeks, The Heat) and Jarrett Pressman (Band Geek) return to talk secret doors, dating site terrorists and the sounds of Rosie Perez and Matthew McConaughey.

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Billy Hayes shares the riveting story of his real life hashish smuggling arrest, as well as his experiences and escape from a Turkish prison that became the classic film 'Midnight Express’.


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Mandy Stadtmiller (News Whore), Pat Dixon (NYC Crime Report) and Graham Smith (News Whore) join The Hole to talk Quaker weddings, a possible successor to Moonrise and how to know when it's time for the murder.

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Mister PeePee, Leah Bonnema and Black JoeJoe Black return to the studio Potato salad is used as a weapon and Rob channels Caitlyn.

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John, Michelle and Matt from the Video Game Outsiders join The Hole to Play 'Just the Tip,' talk Mexican Pandas, Damn You AutoCorrect and NDJ.

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Brian Scolaro ('Sullivan & Son,' 'Mad Men') joins The Hole to break in the new studio, talk summer camp for the mentally challenged, getting dry humped by Carmen Electra, Black News, CSI, Lipton Questions, yelling at fans and more!

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