The crew is back in the studio along with Mad Scientist's Geoff Clark (aka The Dragon).

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Rob gets a life changing letter, the Glory Hole rap resurfaces, a volleyball game goes awry and a delivery man gets locked out.


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Mister PeePee returns to Rap & Fap, Kareem wastes his time with Pokemon Go, Carla brings her sultry voice back and a new Hole game is born.

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Rob's sewer backs up on his feet, Bannos gets into a flea market brawl, Lori gets VIP treatment from Uber and Leah watches way too much Benghazi.


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Lori returns from Africa, Mister PeePee reads a new children's story, Rob gets flack for his Apple Watch and some law enforcement will eat your testicles.

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Blue Oyster Cult's Richie Castellano and the cast of 'Band Geek' join us for an epic game of Dungeons and Dragons, with a live music score from Andy Ascolese and magnificent Dungeon Mastering by Tony Hanson.

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The ladies hear some disgusting pickup lines, the Dungeons & Dragons team is picked, and internet savages invade The Hole's YouTUbe and social media.

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Big Mike returns drunker than the week before, Rob's 'Under the Gun' interview is critiqued and papayas are not a suitable phallic substitute.

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Original member and fan favorite Big Mike returns to The Hole in a jam packed studio.

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Marco Carulli, Missy Carr (The Jersey Jerks) and Leah Bonnema return to The Hole along with party crasher Luis J Gomez (MTV's Guy Code, Hammerfisting)

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