Bee and Chic of the Adult Babies podcast join the The Hole to share how to live with your parents at the blossoming age of 35

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The cast recaps their night out, Rob gets a very weird email and PeePee plans to test out our new sponsor.

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It's a full house at The Comedy Cellar, as the full cast of Audio Dungeon joins The Hole for a hysterical hour of getting our nerd on. Tony, Brooke, Damian, Dan, Tom and Vinny all bring their A game to help the Super Zeros save Kansas. 

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Mara Marek (Happy Never After) joins us to talk about her cross country bike ride, attending sex parties and getting run over by a van.

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Jim Florentine (That Metal Show, Comedy Metal Midgets) and his son Luke show us that rants and roasting are in the blood, especially when Richie Castellano (Blue Oyster Cult) gets roasted by Luke. 

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Get your runner's lube ready for a brand new season of The Hole! Rob, Lori, Franco, Leah and PeePee kick it off. 

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Our near three hour season finale is here with another epic game of Dungeons and Dragons with Dungeon Master Tony Hanson. Join Richie Castellano, Ann Marie Castellano, Andy Ascolesce, Claire Parker, Leah Bonnema, Franco Del Valle and am in-studio Chris Fortney hunt the Ring of Wishes! 

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Actress Alison Quinn (Sons and Daughters, Curb Your Enthusiasm) joins us to talk about objecting at weddings, psychotic roommates and her television experiences.

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Chris Fortney, Steve Bannos and Jarrett Pressman join the latest pajama party episode.

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Rob recaps Miami, Leah is cranky with lovely angles, PeePee teaches Rob how to swim, pronoun confusion and the difference between a thirstball and a jump-off. 

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The History Hyenas resident historian, Jen Begakis, brings The Hole to the realization that we are not nearly as smart as we thought.

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Fan favorite BlackJoeJoeBlack and Sexy Mike return to The Hole.

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Comedians Dave Attell, Nick Di Paolo and Mike Vecchione all sit in and wonder what the hell they are doing there.

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The fake IRS comes calling and The Hole is too busy pitching movie ideas.

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Steve Bannos (Freaks and Geeks, Love) returns to the chaos of the RiotCast studio. 

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Actor, comedian and star of Chappelle's Show, Donnell Rawlings, joins the guys to talk about his career, his TV work, being Ashy and why a brother speaks Korean.

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Mara Marek and Andrew Collin (Happy Never After) talk relationship insecurities, laughter in the face of heartbreak and sex… a lot of sex.

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Alana Luv joins The Hole to talk about starting out at the Bunny Ranch, becoming an adult film star and to act out porn scenes with each of us.

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Yannis Pappas and Chris Distefano (The Bay Ridge Boys) join The Hole to talk growing up guido, History Hyenas, African wildlife and how to sail in Brooklyn.

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Comedian / Actress Walker Hays joins The Hole and lives up to her social media adventures.

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It's a Glory Hole / Band Geek mashup! Rob and Chris take it up a notch by picking up guitars and singing with Richie Castellano and the Band Geeks.

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Comedian Chris Distefano (Guy Code, Benders) joins The Hole for our 250th episode.


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What's the most embarrassing thing you have ever done to win someone's affection? Why is PeePee's Instagram suspect? What will happen at the Hole BBQ? Will Rob's zipline break? Answers to these questions and more...on this episode of The Hole.

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The crew is back in the studio along with Mad Scientist's Geoff Clark (aka The Dragon).

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Rob gets a life changing letter, the Glory Hole rap resurfaces, a volleyball game goes awry and a delivery man gets locked out.


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Mister PeePee returns to Rap & Fap, Kareem wastes his time with Pokemon Go, Carla brings her sultry voice back and a new Hole game is born.

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Rob's sewer backs up on his feet, Bannos gets into a flea market brawl, Lori gets VIP treatment from Uber and Leah watches way too much Benghazi.


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Lori returns from Africa, Mister PeePee reads a new children's story, Rob gets flack for his Apple Watch and some law enforcement will eat your testicles.

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Blue Oyster Cult's Richie Castellano and the cast of 'Band Geek' join us for an epic game of Dungeons and Dragons, with a live music score from Andy Ascolese and magnificent Dungeon Mastering by Tony Hanson.

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The ladies hear some disgusting pickup lines, the Dungeons & Dragons team is picked, and internet savages invade The Hole's YouTUbe and social media.

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Big Mike returns drunker than the week before, Rob's 'Under the Gun' interview is critiqued and papayas are not a suitable phallic substitute.

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Original member and fan favorite Big Mike returns to The Hole in a jam packed studio.

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Marco Carulli, Missy Carr (The Jersey Jerks) and Leah Bonnema return to The Hole along with party crasher Luis J Gomez (MTV's Guy Code, Hammerfisting)

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Rachel Fine and Richie Wilson (Howard TV) return to talk Shittens and attending strip clubs as a couple, while a group genital clean has a lemony surprise.

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Comedian Luis J Gomez returns fresh from the Harlem gas explosion, the female cast members blow the guy's minds with personal revelations and The Comedy Cellar's Noam Dworman sheds some new light on the cut/uncut debate.


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Leah Bonnema returns to scare Franco, Katie the intern gets in trouble and urban audio book auditions are underway at The Hole.

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Celebrities kill people too, Lori slaps Mr. Pee Pee in the face, a long time fan turns on the show and China becomes the ultimate place to get over a breakup or a beheaded.

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Nightlife photographer Kirill Bichutsky joins 'The Hole' to talk nightclub chaos, champagne facials and slut whispering. Black JoeJoe Black returns to have his abs used as an Etch-a-Sketch and yet another one of Rob's ex-classmates goes rogue.
See the full video at

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Lori is in a music video and it brings her a visitor, swiss cheese is the ultimate pick-up prop, a police officer does way too many cavity searches and Sexy Mike gets an extra big surprise.

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The Hole returns from hiatus to find the world just as disgusting as it was when they left, from wisdom teeth to cock-A-roaches.

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Adult film star Lexi Love joins 'The Hole' to talk exotic interludes, the art of squirting, mask selections and an acoustic serenade.

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Mister PeePee's too close for comfort best friend, Mister Cocky, returns. Older, bad show ideas like karaoke just won't die and newfound dangers of a man sitting down to pee are discovered.

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Comedian Robert Kelly joins the guys in a hysterical discussion of his life, his career and how the hell he wound up on the Glory Hole Network.

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