Big Mike returns drunker than the week before, Rob's 'Under the Gun' interview is critiqued and papayas are not a suitable phallic substitute.

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Original member and fan favorite Big Mike returns to The Hole in a jam packed studio.

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Marco Carulli, Missy Carr (The Jersey Jerks) and Leah Bonnema return to The Hole along with party crasher Luis J Gomez (MTV's Guy Code, Hammerfisting)

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Rachel Fine and Richie Wilson (Howard TV) return to talk Shittens and attending strip clubs as a couple, while a group genital clean has a lemony surprise.

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Comedian Luis J Gomez returns fresh from the Harlem gas explosion, the female cast members blow the guy's minds with personal revelations and The Comedy Cellar's Noam Dworman sheds some new light on the cut/uncut debate.


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Leah Bonnema returns to scare Franco, Katie the intern gets in trouble and urban audio book auditions are underway at The Hole.

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Celebrities kill people too, Lori slaps Mr. Pee Pee in the face, a long time fan turns on the show and China becomes the ultimate place to get over a breakup or a beheaded.

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Nightlife photographer Kirill Bichutsky joins 'The Hole' to talk nightclub chaos, champagne facials and slut whispering. Black JoeJoe Black returns to have his abs used as an Etch-a-Sketch and yet another one of Rob's ex-classmates goes rogue.
See the full video at

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Lori is in a music video and it brings her a visitor, swiss cheese is the ultimate pick-up prop, a police officer does way too many cavity searches and Sexy Mike gets an extra big surprise.

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The Hole returns from hiatus to find the world just as disgusting as it was when they left, from wisdom teeth to cock-A-roaches.

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