Steve Bannos (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters) and Kevin Kraft return for more pontifications of lunacy.

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A Hibachi chef disrespects Rob, Leah and Jarrett's kitchens are dissected and how to wipe using the downward dog technique.

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Mister PeePee returns to Rap & Fap, Kareem wastes his time with Pokemon Go, Carla brings her sultry voice back and a new Hole game is born.

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Legendary Howard Stern Show cast member Jackie 'The Joke Man' Martling joins The Hole to talk about the rise of the greatest show in radio history, how it happened and why it all came to an end.

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Things get heated as Kevin Brennan, Lenny Marcus and Liz Furiati of Misery Loves Company join Rob to discuss Kevin’s problems with his contract and their problems with each other. Franco nearly comes to blows with Kevin.

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Leah gets an IUD, Jarret owns a lightsaber, a doctor “accidentally” gets semen in a patient’s eye and an insect attack Leah on the air.


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Relive the legendary episode where Mr. PeePee attempts to make love to the Fleshlight sex toy on the air as his good friend Mr. Cocky holds it for him. With special guests C-Rod and Cory.


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Fortney has a big announcement, Lori returns from Africa (again), Prince is dead and a 400lb woman is attacked by a mating herd of manatees.

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Dan Soder (Billions, The Bonfire) talks acting with Damien Lewis, Rock Concerts and what makes everyone cry. With Jarrett Pressman and Chris Scopo.

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Fresh off making the cover of the New York Post, Genevieve Lejeune and Hayley Quinn educate us on Skirt Club, an upscale, all women's sex club.


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