Comedian Nick Di Paolo (Inside Amy Schumer, Louie) joins The Hole to talk about his career, his aching groin and when stand-up gigs turn into fights.

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Dante Nero (The Blacklist, Fighting) and Mara Marek of The Beige Phillip Show join The Hole to keep us from going bitch in relationships with women.

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Comedian Ralphie May joins the Glory Hole to share his close calls with drug busts, death and the dangers of having a fat monkey without britches.

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Kareem is back in the Prius while Mister PeePee pays tribute to DMX.

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Kevin's manscaping goes awry, Rob and Jarrett have a creepy game in common, Chris gets his bones cracked and lots of people are dead.

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The Hole continues its annual tradition of taking marginally good songs and making them marginally bad by the magic of Karaoke. Includes life-changing performances by Rob Sprance, Franco DelValle, Mister PeePee, Jarrett Pressman, Leah Bonnema and Black JoeJoe Black.

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The crew is back together in the studio to kick off a brand new season of stupidity.

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Rob never invites anyone to his house, The Jersey Jerks Show gets crashed, creepers in the library are sniffing feet and the possibilities of time travel.


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Rob's neighbor gets all up in his foliage, the PornHub game returns for 2015, another awful music submission and Subway's Jared is going to jail.

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Rob's sewer backs up on his feet, Bannos gets into a flea market brawl, Lori gets VIP treatment from Uber and Leah watches way too much Benghazi.


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