The guys get a lecture on homophobia, Chris uses "products", Franco laughs through the movie 'Precious' and Rob pees sitting down.
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Just The Tip: Squirt

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The guys welcome Franco's girlfriend on his birthday, Mister PeePee fornicates at Woodstock and Big Mad Mike points some fingers at fingers.
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The guys get their first celebrity guest, and it's a bonafide Latina superstar.

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Franco shows up inebriated, BigMike becomes a denim superhero and the co-hosts try on Rob's shiny hosting shoes.
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The guys undergo equal opportunity training, wonder if their black listeners are on the "down-low" and some female fans contribute in creative ways.
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The guys do some window peeping, measure their level of jungle fever and reveal the erotic things they have done in public. With special guests Willie Will and Mister PeePee.
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The guys are granted an audience with the godfather of the happy ending, Mister PeePee, for an in-depth walkthrough of the sexual massage parlor and brothel experience. With special guest Willie Will.

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The guys explore where fingers shouldn't go. Franco's foot is black, Rob has a stroke, Big Mike has a little fantasy and an intriguing voicemail brings newfound glory.
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The guys make sweet love to you, role play as pervy police and inseminate your speakers.
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