The guys test their ghetto vocabulary with WillieWill, watch a horrifying genitalia video for the first time and Franco throws up.
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The guys analyze the recorded results of the pee-off, amusement parks for pedophiles and how to go about mounting a slutty poodle.
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The guys get their pre-urine contest game face on by guzzling water and strategizing, Rob serenades his support to the gay community and proper use of Lance Armstrong's other ball gets strategized.
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The guys brainstorm on trendy new vagina fashions, bathroom stall conversational etiquette and the Racist Homophobic Pirate rears his ugly head.
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The gang collaborates on a twisted love song to help Franco regain his lost love. Facebook tries to plug up our hole and Big Mike encounters a woman with a big surprise.
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The guys hit the bong throughout the show to explore threesomes, the art of self-fellatio and the debut of Big Mike.
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The guys share their embarrassing stories of rejection from the opposite sex. Rob perms his hair, Chris tries to duck someone and Franco takes a bath with a man.
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The "pilot" episode, where you get to know the guys and the magnificent ways in which they first discovered DIY ejaculation.
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