Mister PeePee takes pride in his buttocks, helps the blind enjoy adult films and Rob blows some horn for Clarence Clemens.  www.GloryHoleRadio.com

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Just the Tip: Natural Harvest with Robert Kelly

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Comedian Robert Kelly joins the guys in a hysterical discussion of his life, his career and how the hell he wound up on the Glory Hole Network.  www.GloryHoleRadio.com

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Just the Tip: Injaculation www.GloryHoleRadio.com 

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Big Mike's brother Cory sits in to school the guys on gangbangs, protecting your gold teeth and answering our fan questions. With special guests Jay Such and Melissa Ullmann. www.GloryHoleRadio.com  nf

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Just the Tip: NightHawk www.GloryHoleRadio.com
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Jay and Melissa from The SomeGuy Show join the guys to act out the Anthony Weiner transcripts, setting your price for the unthinkable and if Rob is obligated to perm his hair.  www.GloryHoleRadio.com

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Just the Tip: Cakewalk   www.GloryHoleRadio.com

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The guys channel the late Macho Man, AlQaeda has their very own Cosmo and Franco reveals his new relationship with someone very close to home. With very special guest Miguélangelo Hexylvania of Mad Scientist Party Hour www.GloryHoleRadio.com
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Just the Tip: Planking with Samm Levine www.GloryHoleRadio.com
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