Chris shows Franco a Garden of Dreams, Lori's news theme takes shape, Mister PeePee haunts your dreams, Rob gets an aggravating tweet and someone nuts in a horse.

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Comedian Leah Bonnema (@LeahBonnema) joins The Hole to answer dumb letters to Cosmo, defend Hobbit's feet, sodomize Ben Franklin and deliver some booms.

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The Hole has new studio drama, beats Tarantino at his own game and analyzes death by boobage, sex with furniture, stupid questions and Franco going feline.

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117 - The Dildo of Knives

The Glory Hole begins a new era with a brand new studio, their gangbang hierarchy, the passing of the torch from Robert Kelly and the return of Lori Levine.

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The guys return from hiatus fired up and ready to kick off season five.

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