Leah Bonnema returns to scare Franco, Katie the intern gets in trouble and urban audio book auditions are underway at The Hole.   RiotCast.com

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A snowstorm has Rob and Chris doing the show from home with Kevin Kraft (Mad Scientist Party Hour, The Jason Ellis Show) to keep the fans from complaining.  RiotCast.com

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Celebrities kill people too, Lori slaps Mr. Pee Pee in the face, a long time fan turns on the show and China becomes the ultimate place to get over a breakup or a beheaded.  RiotCast.com

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Nightlife photographer Kirill Bichutsky joins 'The Hole' to talk nightclub chaos, champagne facials and slut whispering. Black JoeJoe Black returns to have his abs used as an Etch-a-Sketch and yet another one of Rob's ex-classmates goes rogue.

See the full video at YouTube.com/TheGloryHole

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Lori is in a music video and it brings her a visitor, swiss cheese is the ultimate pick-up prop, a police officer does way too many cavity searches and Sexy Mike gets an extra big surprise.  RiotCast.com

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The Hole returns from hiatus to find the world just as disgusting as it was when they left, from wisdom teeth to cock-A-roaches. RiotCast.com

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